KSOU Admission

W2C Distance Learning Universe endeavours to make learning an enjoyable experience. To ease the admission process for the students, W2C Distance Learning Universe attempts to provide every detail pertaining to admission.

Filling of registration form is prerequisite for KSOU admission. Registration form can be availed from either W2C office or can be downloaded online from the W2C Distance Learning Universe website. Candidate is required to fill various information fields concerning his/her academic qualifications and personal details, including submission of registration fee. After completing the registration form, candidates need to submit the photocopies of their mark sheets of previous qualifying exams.

KSOU Admission Procedure

KSOU Admission Procedure is very simple. Once the registration process is over, the W2C Distance Learning Universe team will review the registration form and will verify all the relevant documents and other concerning details. In case the candidate does not qualify for the eligibility criterion, application form will be rejected immediately and the candidate will be refunded his/her money, deducting the procession fee. Candidates with secured seats; wont be entertained regarding their queries of fee repayment. The shortlisted candidates can then proceed for the submission of fee for their desired course.