KSOU Distance Courses

Enrolling on one of the KSOU distance education courses means, harnessing truly the benefits of an open learning system like Karnataka State Open University. And the benefits come along with a series of support services. Sound courseware is devised in such a way so that can support the limitations of an online platform while educating a student to help him achieve his career goals. Support services that help enhance the learning experience via e-Platform can be categorized as:

e-Learning Resources – major part of KSOU distance learning courses is delivered online. For additional study information, project briefs and special updates, one is referred to KSOU website. A part of the website is also converted into student support section for all online courses.

Online student forum – This is the place where online seekers can come to share their ideas, show their projects, and discuss online their issues regarding courseware with their peer group. This is the perfect way maintaining one’s motivation.

Student support staff – Students can always be in contact with their online mentor or education counselors to receive guidance on their project.

Apart from this support service system, KSOU distance courses are something different to help mark a student’s career with difference. Online courses at KSOU cover wide range of streams. Firm courseware is student centric and designed to meet demands set by technology driven industries of today. KSOU online programs can be easily comprehended as planned to reach masses. Find below few functional categories encompassing hoards of programs at various levels:

Engineering Programs

Management Programs

Information Technology

Vocational Programs

Traditional Programs